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As a whole CDUH OPD is excellent in their service. I'm proud to recommend them to my friends.

OPD Patient
Source: Random Satisfaction Survey

I am very impressed to all attendants that they serve better to us. I hope they will continue serving better to poor people in appreciative way.

OPD Patient
Source: Random Satisfaction Survey

Very efficient nurses! Kudos! They are very smiling and I find it necessary in building rapport. They do their job well and they showed confidence in performing any procedures thus making me less anxious. Thank you so much for your world class care. I could not pick one best nurse because the team seems well calibrated in providing services.

3A Station Patient
Source: Random Satisfaction Survey

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Osmeña Blvd. Cebu City 6000 


Phone: (+63)32 255 - 5555
Phone: (+63)32 253 - 7511 to 34
Phone: (+63)32 411 - 0555



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