New CT-Scan marks the start of OrmocDoc Innovative Journey

New CT-Scan marks the start of OrmocDoc Innovative Journey

Published: 2019-05-05

Ormoc Doctors Hospital, the leader in healthcare innovation in Ormoc and one of the fastest developing hospital of CebuDoc Group now has a cutting-edge radiologic technology – Philips Access Computed Tomography Scan (CT Scan).

“In line with CebuDoc Group’s mission to provide compassionate, high-quality, and innovative healthcare service, OrmocDoc is moving forward together with other member hospitals of the group in providing technology advancement for our patients”, said Engr. Hilario Jake Cortes, OrmocDoc Hospital Administrator.

Since it opened in 2012, Ormoc Doc has already offered a wide array of medical service like Emergency, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Intensive Care Unit, NICU, Operation and Delivery, Cardiology, Renal/Hematology, Pulmonary and Radiology services like X-ray, Ultrasound and Mammogram.

With the growing demand of healthcare in Ormoc and the neighboring towns in Leyte, OrmocDoc has found its way to escalating its technology to respond to the demand of the community and accommodate their health needs.

“Our greatest edge is that we are the home of medical excellence in Ormoc and we are on a mission to discover and learn new ways to improve our services and be consistent on top quality”, Engr, Cortes assured.

Better diagnosis

Considered as the first in its kind CT-Scan in Ormoc and neighboring towns, OrmocDoc’s new CTScan provides an extensive patient care and gives the medical staff the ability to perform low dose scans using iterative reconstruction iDose.

Philips Access CT can also perform majority of scans in a single breadth hold and has an improved and wider coverage of images for more accurate results at reasonably low cost.

“Our new CT-Scan has a faster scanning time which is 0.7 seconds per rotation which is not possible previously. Indeed, things just got better in OrmocDoc”, said Ms. Ariane Mae Caralos, Chief RadTech in OrmocDoc.

Forefront in Excellent Healthcare

CebuDoc has been known for its excellence in healthcare having been awarded as the Most Outstanding Hospital for Level 3 Private in the country. CebuDoc Group is committed to maintain the same quality for all its member hospitals including OrmocDoc.

“OrmocDoc is continuing the legacy of putting patients’ first and world-class service - that is what we learned from our mother hospital, CebuDoc and the rest of CebuDoc Group hospitals”, Engr. Cortes explained.

OrmocDoc, even the youngest member, strives to continue its lead in holistic and delightful patient experience as such is firmly applied in the whole CebuDoc Group.
“As a RadTech, we assure patients safety by asking patient’s comfort or feeling and properly orienting them the guidelines before a procedure especially that most of the cases we handle are chronic illnesses, tumors and cancers. We also apply the ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable) principle”, Ms. Caralos explained.

No need to cross the oceans

It is the vision of OrmocDoc to be the premier healthcare institution in Ormoc and Leyte by providing a wider array of services that can be easily accessed by the people of Ormoc and the region.

“We envision OrmocDoc to be the finest and first choice medical facility in Ormoc and Leyte offering highly specialized services”, said CebuDoc Group’s Chairman and President, Dr. Potenciano “Yong” Larrazabal, III.

“The patients from the region will no longer need to cross the ocean because an advanced CT-Scan procedures can now be performed here in OrmocDoc”, Engr. Cortes added.

With its strong commitment to compassion, quality, and innovation OrmocDoc is now open to accept patients for CTScan procedure. For questions and inquiries please contact (053) 255 7522 local 109 or email us at

For PR questions, please contact Venesse Castañares through email, or message 09455997458.

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