A message from the chairman

Over the past few years, CebuDoc Group has continuously delivered its commitment to provide compassionate, high quality, and innovative service. In our six-hospital brands, we have geared our team with the most advanced and modern healthcare technology as we prepare for the rapid growth of the healthcare industry.

In our first quarter, we upgraded our CathLab in CebuDoc with the latest cardiac catheterization technology that features Dynamic Cardiac Road Mapping designed to produce clearer and more vivid images which lead to improving clinical outcomes. Alongside this, we have continuously upgraded our other hospital facilities in NorthGen, SouthGen, SanCarlosDoc, and MactanDoc like the expansion of Renal Intensive Care Units and medical wards.

In the second quarter, we introduced the newest addition to CebuDoc Group Wellness brands which is the CebuDoc Dental Institute equipped with the latest technology in dental care and a comprehensive array of dental services to be managed by a top-caliber roster of dentists. In the same quarter, we also brought the most advanced CT-Scan System in the Province of Leyte

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